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Lena Paul Experiences Uncontrollable Orgasms

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Lena Paul is an outstanding woman with an even more outstanding body. She is perfect for pornography because of her incredible tits that are naturally sized 32DDD. That’s right, triple Ds! That, paired with a 25 inch midsection, a 36 inch ass and a solid wish to please any kind of individual who comes her method creates a really good time.

In less than four years she has gone from a fan favourite to an aspiring starlet, and she has been at the heart of everything that has made her so famous in such a short time. A fervent advocate of sexual positivity, Lena has filmed throughout her adult film career and has never been afraid to push her sexual boundaries.

Before signing up with the porn market, busty Lena was a wise and sexy businesswoman that operated in Latin-American relations. With her very own start-up, she safeguarded bargains in between South as well as Central American federal governments and United States investors. That’s where she realized that being an adorable and buoyant woman can assist her obtain what she wanted, no matter what she did in life.

Lena often really did not have enough money to run her small business so she started her live cam shows as a method to fund it. Her business had not been doing well so she left it behind for a profession in pornography. She thought it could both aid her accomplish her future objectives of attending graduate school as well as her current goals of making money and having fun. ‘When are you fed up with the structure of the company you work for and see the writing on the wall and see that it is not going anywhere? I had a really weird career before I did porn, and now I still have it, but I feel a little more comfortable when I see it. So it’s not going away, I just have to get through it and move on.’

Lena is an independent woman and thinker. She constantly stated that she wouldn’t change herself in any way for porn. This is why you can normally see her with a hairy bush as well as perhaps a little bit more of a tummy than various other pornstars. She intends to show that you can be yourself as well as still have a good time in the porn business.

Lena is also a kinky girl. Prior to pornography she tried several sex-related things, like going to dungeons, trying out the roles of both a dom and a sub, and also having raunchy group sex sessions. As you can see, she landed herself in the ideal industry and she is having a great time!

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